Power of 10

Vision: 10 people giving $10 &/or their time to a Holy Spirit driven cause.

*Serving together to meet the needs of our neighbors, our community, our country, and our world.

 How does it work?

 *Every Power of 10 member commits to giving $10/week (or pick another frequency or amount) and whatever time it takes to meet a need.

*Driven by prayer.

*Unlimited ways to serve:

-Buy food or give cash donations to the food pantries.

-Call a school and see if they have any pressing needs (Buddy bags, supplies etc.)

-Call a local non-profit and find out what they need (Rescue Mission, Kokomo Urban Outreach, C.A.M., Domestic Violence Shelter, Family Services, Open Arms Shelter, Salvation Army).

-Perform 10 separate $10 random acts of generosity.

-Serve a neighbor, single mom, struggling family, elderly person (fix something, yard work, transportation assistance etc.).

-Support our Haiti initiative – www.doubleharvest.com  ($3500 builds a home / sponsor a child / find out the needs of the next team going down).

-Collaborate with other ‘Power of 10’ groups and use the resources to serve a larger need. Our plan is to build a network for all of our groups to gather information and communicate with one another.

-Serve a homeless person by taking them to buy some clothes or taking them out to eat. 

            -Sponsor a child through Compassion International (www.compassion.com)

            -Support one of the initiatives at www.onemillioncan.com

*The possibilities are literally endless…….be creative but most of all just listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit

*Don’t just give away cash…..if the need requires some time, then give that away too!

The Structure is up to you.  Every group will look, act, and feel a little differently:

*How often do you meet?  What is your mechanism for discussing and deciding what to do?

*My group is a mixture of 2 small groups I am a part of so our mechanism of contact is email.  I update the group where we are at financially and the rest of the group uses email to identify needs that they become aware of.  When we choose to respond, we create a plan of attack if the response requires our time and resource.

*Consider a structure that includes some form of discipleship.  Beyond a mission, this is an opportunity for community and spiritual growth with each other.  Meet to decide who or what you are going to give to, pray for each other, engage the Word together.

*If your power of 10 group does not meet regularly as a group, you will need to establish an effective communication tool.  Create a mechanism for everyone in your group to regularly feel the freedom to share serving ideas and personal prayer needs.

*Hang out! Schedule some occasional ‘fun’ stuff with your group.

*When you serve focus on prayer.  Pray together!  Pray for those you serve.  Pray for each other.  Share Christ as opportunities present themselves!  The greatest gift we can ever give someone is Jesus!

*There is no right or wrong way to do this…..just surrender to the Spirit’s leading, commit to the group, and be intentional about following through.

Why should we do this?

*We are called to Live Like Jesus.  The ‘Power of 10’ concept is a lifestyle not a project.  So often we search for a service project to do, we do it, and then we go on with our busy lives feeling good about ourselves.  The way of Jesus is to simply respond to needs as you become aware of them.  The ‘Power of 10’ is a great way for the church to be the body of Christ in a natural, organic, and authentic way.


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