10 Ways to Invite New People to Your Group

How do you encourage group members to invite others to your group?  Carter Moss, from Big Ideas About Small Groups, recommends the following (I made some edits):

  • Challenge your group to make a list of people to invite.
  • Have a contest for whoever brings the most people to group.
  • Go into the service early and introduce yourself to someone sitting down.
  • Hang out in the foyer (Village and Cafe) and get to know people.
  • Stand by the door and hand out a card with your small group info.
  • Follow up with past people that have showed interest in your group.
  • Participate in planned events such as churchwide campaigns. 
  • Talk positively about your small group, people are listening.
  • Plan a small group social, invite your neighbors.
  • Always have an empty chair in group and always be talking about inviting new people.

    When an established group has been together for a long time inviting people can be challenging.  I will often encourage group leaders by challenging their groups with two questions:

    1. How do you feel about this small group?
    2. Knowing how important this group has been for you, dont you want to help someone else have the same experience God has provided you through these relationships? How do you encourage an invitational culture in your group?
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